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Whether responding to legal problems, or working to prevent them, I get satisfaction from assisting clients in need. My clients appreciate personal service, and it’s important to my legal philosophy.

The Law Office of Brian R. Boney will treat you as a person, not as a number. I know my clients by name because I do not carry a large caseload. I work my own hours.

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Family Law

Help With Legal Issues That Involve Children. Children often suffer when there are family issues, and caring for their needs is one of your top priorities. When there are legal issues and children are involved, you need someone you can trust, someone you can talk to.

Brian R. Boney is that person. His years of experience as a family law attorney give Brian the.

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Criminal Defense

Being charged or arrested for any criminal act is a very serious matter. When involved in an investigation, you will find that law enforcement officials will do everything they can to obtain a conviction.

They will be vigorously following leads and gathering evidence to enable them to win at trial. It is, therefore, imperative to have appropriate legal counsel and an experienced lawyer who you can trust and who can vigorously defend your rights.

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Colorado probate can be a long, complicated and possibly costly process. Whether you are a personal representative or a beneficiary, you can rely on Attorney Brian R. Boney for experienced, effective representation in Colorado probate.

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